About Me


Thank you for visiting my blog! I would like to tell you little bit about Adele Gould – (formerly Kowarsky born Sosnovik)  that’s me in the photo – and how I came to be doing this.

I am a Social Worker by profession,  a mother of five and a grandmother of four, (previously five before the tragic death of my granddaughter in 2007  (see Death of a Grandchild, A Poem About Loss and Death Anniversary Poems).

Now retired,  I  have the luxury of time – and I don’t take it for granted. Although there is no rush for me to jump out of bed in the mornings (and I use the word ‘jump’ guardedly) the truth is that there’s so much that I want to do each day that I do not want to waste a moment. Also, I am cognizant of my age and health status which stare back at me each day and remind me that mortality can come knocking at my door at any time.

I’m excited about this blog , the creation of which was a Mothers Day labour of love from my twin sons.  Writing is one of my huge passions, and it is wonderful for me to be able to share my meanderings in this way. Although I am somewhat computer literate, the idea of blogging is still foreign to me (see Senior Blog), and I am blown away by the infinite possibilities.

So – who am I?

I was born and raised in South Africa (see Apartheid in South Africa), where the first three of my five children were born, and made Toronto my home in 1980, having added identical twin boys to the pot during a 2-year stint in Cincinnati, Ohio. My now-adult children all live nearby – and yes, I know just how unusual this is and how fortunate I am.

I have been with my second husband  for almost 27 years, married for 17 of those   I thank my lucky stars each and every day for this amazing partner (see  (See Life After Divorce25th Anniversary Poem and My Husband Snores).

I obtained my Master’s degree in Social Work (see But I Love Him) at the University of Toronto and worked until health issues forced me to retire at the age of 60. I was diagnosed at age 56 with Parkinson’s disease (see What is Parkinsons Disease and Living with Parkinsons), and more recently with Diabetes. I also have Tourette’s syndrome which has plagued me since the age of seven (no, I do not yell obscenities – though the idea has interesting possibilities). I struggle with tics and am currently exploring the possibility of deep brain stimulation as a treatment option. Topic for another blog!

Because writing comes fairly easily to me, it is a medium through which I can express my thoughts and feelings, and share my experiences (see 21 Deep Thought Provoking  Questions and How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem) . This was never more important than when – in 2006 – my beloved four-year-old granddaughter Tal Doron (see taldoron) was diagnosed with brain cancer. For 10 months – and for some time after her death – I kept a daily journal to help cope with my fear and my unbearable grief.

This experience led me to become a hospice volunteer, and more recently I have begun to help clients with life threatening illnesses to write legacy letters to leave behind for family members. This will be the topic of one of my future blogs.

When I am not writing or enjoying my semi-retired husband, or my wonderful children and  grandchildren, I love to do woodcarving (see Woodcarvings) – the most relaxing and absorbing hobby one could want. I am also an avid photographer and can spend hours editing photographs to my liking.

Perhaps my greatest passion in life is music    .  I especially love  classical music (see True Inspirational Stories), but I love all kinds of music except for jazz.  Another of my joys is my digital keyboard, which I play when I’m home alone,  because I’m hopeless at it!  Nevertheless it provides for  me hours of musical pleasure.

I love solitude (see I Hate Small Talk) . And last – but definitely not least – I’m  a techno-junkie.

Perhaps this explains why I want to jump out of bed in the mornings! I was fortunate to have been born with the ‘happy gene’ (see What Is Happiness) which enables me to do what I love to do within the boundaries imposed by my physical limitations(see Aging with Dignity)

I hope you enjoy my blogs.