A Poem About Loss – Death of My Granddaughter

  The Death of My Granddaughter

A Poem About Loss

“Sometimes I Dream”

Written August 2009

Sometimes I dream that I’ll wake up to find

That the past two years was a figment of mind

My heart skips a beat as I reach for your hand

Does anyone out there understand?


Sometimes I dream that life’s still the same

That you‘ll still come running when I call out your name

So I whisper our songs as I daydream aloud

And I hear you singing from behind a cloud


Sometimes I dream that from darkness comes light

But my daughter’s in pain and I can’t make it right

Her little girl’s time on this earth was too brief

And each day of her life she must live with her grief


Two years have gone by since I touched your sweet face

You lived with such courage and died with such grace

Your shining eyes and heavenly smile

Come down to greet me when I stop awhile


Oh!  How I long for the joy now denied

The wondrous delight of being by your side

But memory is such a magical gift

That sustains me each day when my soul is adrift


And Tal, when I’m ready to bid life adieu

How old will you be? Will I recognize you?

I am not afraid – I know you’ll be there

To journey with me through the great somewhere


Sometimes I Dream …

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