Our Secret Place


Our Secret Place

Our Secret Place

Written 2011

Four years ago we kissed your lips and whispered our goodbyes

Four years since the light was taken from those big brown eyes

Surrounded now by photographs that greet me every day

To bring to life the moments spent together lost in play


Time propels us forward – so little place for grief

Tears are frozen, cries are silent!  Stolen by a thief!

So I found a Secret Place –  a place for you and me

A reservoir of memories where feelings can run free


 When life feels overwhelming and I need to hide awhile

Our Secret Place awaits me,  and gives me cause to smile

Awakening remembrances of precious times we shared

A haven that protects me when I’m feeling sad or scared


Sometimes when I’m lost in thought, your smiling face appears

Inviting me to join you in this Place that knows no tears

Where your laughter echoes silently and still I hear your voice

And feel the hugs that gave me every reason to rejoice


Our Secret Place consoles me and bestows some peace of mind

It’s a place where time stands still –  and where pain is left behind

Where reflections from the past, feel palpable and real

A kaleidoscope of images that soothe and help me heal


And Tali – when I feel your presence in Our Secret Place

The ache residing in my soul is softened by your grace

And when I leave this harbour, to face the world once more

I take with me the quiet inside that eluded me before


Though your time on earth was short you left a legacy of song

A tapestry of joy that that’s ever colourful and strong

No matter how the years go by or how long we’re apart

Time will never dim the memories locked inside my heart

Grief Poems

Written August 2011

(See Death of a Grandchild and A Poem About Loss)


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