I Never Dreamed

 25th wedding anniversary poem

25th Wedding Anniversary Poem

” I Never Dreamed  … “

Written October 2011


I never dreamed when I met you that day

That my life would be changed in a most profound way

Lost and alone –  I knew not where to start

For I longed to find someone who’d capture my heart


I never dreamed that in you I would find

A person so gentle – so thoughtful and kind

A partner whose love and devotion is real

A man I can trust with all that I feel

 I never dreamed  as we talked and we shared

That we’d end up together – two souls ill-prepared

Though the odds were against us we made it somehow

As we leaned on each other – and still do that now



I never dreamed, when I first saw your face

How I’d melt in the warmth of your loving embrace

How you’d show me in so many millions of ways

That you’re thinking of me through your busiest of days



I never dreamed that the bond I saw forming

Would quickly become a love quite transforming

Through my ups and my downs you have stayed at my side

And I know that in you I can always confide



I should have seen – the signs were there

Your love was simply everywhere

No matter what the circumstance

My life had become an unending romance



It’s hard to believe that we’ve come so far

Since the day that you read my ad in The Star

I’m thankful each and every day

For all these years with my wonderful Jay


With my love forever

 Happy Anniversary

( See About Adele Gould, and  Life After Divorce)

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