Reflections on the Benefits of Blogging

What Blogging Has Meant to Me

By Adele Gould

 benefits of blogging

As 2013 draws to a close, I reflect on the past eight months or so, since the inception of this blog, and wonder why I didn’t do this years ago. Looking back I can see that I was intimidated by my lack of knowledge about blogging, and lacked the confidence to learn. To add to that, it felt a little narcissistic to be writing about myself and my life, and expecting people to read it – but I now know that there are people all over the world  – people that I don’t know – who might do a search on a topic that happens to be on my blog. This happens every single day – which I find most intriguing!

I have always found writing to be very cathartic. I wrote when I was happy, I wrote when I was confused,  I wrote  to record important events — but mostly I wrote when  I was sad – when my beloved granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer and subsequently passed away ,,, when each of my parents died … when our dog died … or when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. But it’s more than catharsis – it’s also the creative aspect – I love to take words and create pictures that speak – pictures that are meaningful. Because it is my own blog, I have the freedom to choose – the topics, the length, the tone. It’s all up to me. On the banner at the top of my blog – next to my name – it says “revealing, resilient, real” – words that I chose deliberately because they depict who I am,  and I try to weave  that theme  throughout my essays.

My children have always been the greatest fans of my writing, and my youngest sons (twins) decided that it was time to share my writing with the world. As a surprise Mother’s Day gift this year, and with the help of their web designer, they created this blog – a gift that has changed my life in a most profound manner.

I had a lot to learn – more than I could ever have imagined! I was really fortunate to have two instructors – my computer-savvy twins –  who guided me through the sometimes overwhelming process with the utmost patience and understanding. I am both humbled and proud to say that at the age of 67 I now know how to post an essay on my site – with pictures and/or videos; I have become familiar with blogging jargon, and I have a working knowledge of ‘search engine optimization’ – a  complicated system designed to connect reader and writer,  which – to my utter amazement – actually works!  So – not only are my essays read by my family and friends (who have little choice in the matter!), but they are being read by people across the globe! A whole new world has opened up!

Having my own blog has motivated me in so many ways. By far the most profound impact has been my desire to write. I have become passionate about writing and find it hard to pull myself away. I have written and posted over 20 essays, some of which I submitted to other websites to publish as ‘guest posts’ (another term that was new to me!). I also began to explore humour as a vehicle of expression. I had no idea that I have the ability to be funny, because I’m generally quite a serious person. Clearly, there are many benefits of blogging – and I’m only just beginning!

Although it was my twins who created the blog and helped me to learn, all my children are interested in reading my essays, often sharing them with their friends. They are proud of what their senior mom has accomplished – and that is a wonderful feeling for me.

So – 2013 has been an exciting year. I am so fortunate to have children whose belief in me has enabled me – at the age of 67 – to embark on what almost feels like a second career, and to jump out of bed in the morning, eager to begin the day.

 benefits of blogging


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