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21 Deep Thought Provoking Questions Part 2

A couple of months ago I wrote a post in which I elaborated on my penchant for deep, meaningful conversations. I chose 7 categories. posed three questions for each, and shared my own answers to each question.

I was taken aback by the response to this post. In just a few weeks it was read  by over two thousand  people  from around the globe.. Fascinated, I watched the numbers climb day after day, consistently remaining ahead of all my other posts!  I could never have anticipated this outcome, and I’ve learned that my desire for intimate conversation is shared by many.

Given this, I decided to repeat the process with different categories, questions and answers, and look forward to seeing if this post meets with a similar response.

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So – here are 21 more deep thought provoking questions:


About Passion

21 deep thought provoking questions

Which four words come to mind when you think about passion?

Excitement, exuberance, deep emotion, absorption – and of course sexuality

What ignites your passion?

Music, dancing, meaningful conversation, learning something new; animals; mountains, oceans, beautiful scenery – and sensuality

What holds you back from showing your passionate self?

I have a hard time letting go of my inhibitions on the dance floor and when I sing (when others can hear me).

About Kindness

21 deep thought provoking questions

When you perform an act of kindness how to you like to be thanked?

Just once – a word of appreciation; no more

What act of kindness were you once shown that you will always remember?

When a close friend gently helped me to take time off from work when my granddaughter was very ill

Describe two of  (your) acts of kindness about which you feel particularly good

Helping a friend display her poetry on a blog, and helping my father-in-law to be placed in an excellent nursing home when he could no longer live at home.

About Friendship

21 deep thought provoking questions

What 3 qualities do you look for in a friend?

Depth, kindness, authenticity

What would give you cause to end a friendship?

Flirting with my husband; sharing my confidential information with others more than once (once can be forgiven; twice is a pattern).

What information do you not share with close friends?

Confidential information from other friends

About Respect

21 deep thought provoking questions

How would you describe respect?

An attitude of deference, consideration and/or reverence;  speaking courteously

How would you describe disrespect?

Speaking impolitely, with contempt and/or harshness;  humiliation

How do you feel when in the company of a person talking disrespectfully to another?

Very angry – it disgusts me to see someone humiliate and/or criticize a person in front of another.

About Crying

21 deep thought provoking questions

What always makes you cry, and why?

Touching scenes in movies – I wish I knew why!

Is crying a sign of strength or weakness? Why?

Strength because it’s feels like risk to let people see my vulnerability

What do you do when you are in the presence of someone who is crying?

I encourage him/her to cry it out  – and I listen.

About Honesty

21 deep thought provoking questions

What, for you, is the difference between honesty and authenticity?

Honesty is expressing a true opinion; authenticity is about allowing people to see the real you.

When is it inappropriate to be honest?

When it is used to get something off your chest rather than being helpful to the person

When is it alright to tell a white lie?

When I think the truth would be too hurtful.

About Accomplishment

21 deep thought provoking questions

What do you wish you had accomplished by now, and why?

Self-discipline – because I am a person of extremes and have not taken good care of my body

What has held you back from accomplishing this?

Pure laziness

Of which 3 accomplishments are you most proud?

My career as a social worker, my writing, and being a good parent/grandparent

About Courage

21 deep thought provoking questions

What does courage mean to you?

Facing difficult situations head on and not being in denial; taking risks; stepping out of the box

Name 2 occasions on which you acted courageously?

When I decided to end my first marriage; when I went on a zip drive with only a rainforest below

What act of courage have you admired in a person close to you?

Watching my daughter face each day after losing her daughter;


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