What If?


Death Annniversary Poem

What If?

What if you still were with us today?

What if you’d never been taken away?

I try to envision how life would have been

Without the deep longing that smolders within

What if your life had not been cut short?

What if you’d won the battle you fought?

You’d be all grown up – now ten years old

With big brown eyes, and beauty untold

What if fate had not been so cruel?

You’d be busy preparing for fifth grade at school

You’d be singing and dancing in school plays and such

You’d be bright and successful in all that you touch

What if your mother had not had to face

A life filled with sadness I cannot erase?

I see the grief and I hear her cries

And I’m helpless to dry the tears in her eyes

What if scientists had found a cure

And ended the suffering you had to endure?

If your hold on life had remained unshaken

How different the roads that our lives would have taken

But what ifs do not last for long

The truth emerges ever strong

Six years ago we said our goodbyes

Now coloured balloons take our love to the skies

No matter how the years go by

We’ll never allow your memory to die

In our hearts and our souls you will always remain

Until one day we meet again

Written August 2013

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