Confessions of a Cat Burglar

Cat Flushing Toilet

“My husband said it was him or the cat …  I miss him sometimes”.   Unknown

Cat Flushing Toilet?? Is That Possible

This is a story about my  ‘cat flushing toilet’  discovery.  So –  there I was, alone at home, quietly reading the newspaper and minding my own business, when I thought I heard the sound of someone flushing a toilet . I froze on the spot, terrified. “Can a toilet flush by itself? Is there a stranger in my apartment?”  I wondered, and  “How on earth did anyone get in?” I could see the front door from my chair in the living room, and it was impossible that someone could have come in while I was sitting there, unless perhaps I had dozed off for a minute or two – but I was pretty sure I had not.

Trembling, I picked up the phone to call 911, but then replaced the receiver. “Perhaps I drifted off momentarily and woke up in the middle of a dream?”

“That must be what happened” I told myself, breathing a sigh of relief, and refocusing my attention on the article I had been reading before I was so rudely interrupted. But just a few minutes later I heard it again. I was NOT imagining it! Wondering where I could hide, I tiptoed stealthily towards the spare bedroom, hiding behind the door, from where I could see into the bathroom. Lo and behold – and with utter disbelief  –  I saw my cat flushing the toilet!! I could hardly believe my eyes and ears, but indeed, with much relief I realized that the mystery prowler was – beyond a shadow of doubt – my cat, Chelsea!

“But how could a cat know how to do that?”  I wondered. “No-one is going to believe me. People will think I’ve lost my mind!”

Proof Positive

So I decided to try to create a ‘Cat Flushing Toilet’ video. “Chelsea will be famous!”  I thought to myself with glee. Locking the two of us in the bathroom, camcorder poised and ready to go, I waited … and waited .. and waited. I looked at her, and she looked right back at me, as if to say “What are YOU waiting for?”

And then it happened. She stood on the top of the bath so that she could reach the handle, and tried to push it down. Nothing happened. Not one to give up easily,  she moved  to the floor close to the toilet and tried again. On the third try it worked!!- I had my toilet flushing video,  starring Chelsea the Genius.

“Chelsea –  we are going to be rich!”  I told her as I stroked her ears with renewed affection and motherly pride.

But I soon discovered that it is not that uncommon  to have  a cat flushing a toilet – though it seems that not many people know this. I guess my Chelsea is not such a genius after all!   So much for my get-rich-quickly scheme.

Cat Flushing Toilet


 An Attention Seeking Strategy

The original cat flushing toilet incident occurred several years ago. One would think that we’d find her skill endearing. On the contrary, it has become something of an imposition. When we ignore Chelsea’s demands for attention , off she goes, flushing the toilet again. This was happening a couple of times a day, and after a while it became somewhat irritating. We now keep the washroom door closed, but every now and then one of us forgets and we are subjected to that unmistakable flushing sound.  Immediately after the deed is done Chelsea comes charging out of the washroom, zipping right past us, at lightening speed. She may not be a genius, and she certainly  thinks she’s the cat’s meow – but clearly, she’s simply a scaredy-cat!

Cat Flushing Toilet

Bathroom Privileges Revoked

So – does Chelsea flush the toilet when I’m using it? Well, she has been known to do it on occasion, thus losing her bathroom privileges when it’s my turn. I’ve been asked if my cat uses the toilet herself. I wish! Can one toilet train a cat? Maybe,  but I doubt that my Chelsea is THAT smart!

The phrase “cat burglar” has taken on a whole new meaning!

Cat Flushing Toilet

   Two-minute video of Cat Flushing  Toilet 

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